It feels liberating to create something inspired by joy.

April McColeman Photography

I’m not writing about joy, because it’s all I’ve ever known.  I’m writing about joy because I (like all of you) have had some second rate days!  In fact, I had quite a string of them leading up to this. Thankfully, a dear friend of mine gave me a new found perspective on things – I don’t think she’ll ever realise what she did for me!  Ever since that day, I’ve been bursting at the seams with a creative energy that had been pinched off for so long.  I want to write, I NEED to create.  I have SO much to share – and we all could use a little joJOY!

When I first started this project, the more I searched for joyful things to write about, the more joyful things would show up in my life. Most had always been there, just waiting to be appreciated.  Through print and picture, I bring these good humours to you.  May it attract more things worth celebrating into your life.

Whether you need a chuckle in the morning, or some positive inspiration to clean up your vibe before bed – joJOY is here to fill your mind with better thoughts.  At joJOY, you’ll FEEL JOY through stories.  You’ll SEE JOY through the stars, art and style and TASTE JOY through food and drink… ALL wrapped up with a whole lot of creative love.

Let’s find more reasons to feel good!

What a world we live in, that we are given the opportunity to connect like this.  I am so grateful you’ve come to joJOY… I am overJOYed.



I’m a city gal who married a country boy. Now, I have 3 kids, chickens in my yard and the need to spread some love!

Living in Ottawa, Canada, for the majority of my life, it’s been the 8 years I spent in Vancouver (the most BEAUTIFUL place on earth!!!) that I learned SO much about myself.  I’m a full-time Mama, part-time Sonographer… and now an ‘anytime I have the time’, blogger.

My wandering soul has landed me jobs across the board – From selling rocks and fossils, to working in inner-city and Childrens’ hospitals, to (almost) landing me on the moon (I applied to NASA in 2003… and they sent me a fridge magnet).

I’ve traveled parts of the world physically, but it’s this new found creative journey that has me so excited!  My name is, Jo – So nice to meet you, and so grateful to have you with me…

April McColeman Photography

xo jo